Pastoral Care

From the time your daughter starts at Ricards Lodge High School she is known and taken care of through a secure framework of support.

Ricards Lodge High School has a superb reputation for the pastoral care that it offers its students. We place considerable importance on ensuring that we create a learning environment where students enjoy coming to school and feel excited and challenged by the many opportunities that we have to offer.

The Support Team is well resourced and trained, with highly qualified, experienced and specialist members of staff who focus relentlessly on meeting the needs of all students.

Every student has a personal tutor who they will get to know very well through tutor time activities, 1-1 mentoring sessions, inter-form competitions and the various fund raising activities that tutor groups become immersed in. All students remain with their tutor for the first three years at Ricards Lodge High School. At Key Stage 4, we increase the number of Tutor Groups to ten or eleven. This reduces class sizes and means that the pastoral system is further tailored and personalised to meet the needs of each girl. This personalised approach enables us to put a range of support in place to ensure that every student achieves her full potential. Each tutor group is monitored by a Head of Year.

In addition to their tutor, there is an Inclusion department that each student will receive support from as required. We recognise that at various points of a young person’s life, additional support can be needed for a whole range of reasons. Consequently there are a number of services that are available on site, including a team of counsellors, a careers adviser and experienced members of staff who are trained around areas of special educational need. The fundamental rationale underpinning the structure of the Support Team at Ricards Lodge High School is that the team is completely shaped around meeting the needs of all our students.

Working in partnership is a crucial part of our philosophy. We regularly engage with other agencies to support students in achieving their potential. However, the partnership we most value, is our engagement with parents and carers, maintaining regular contact as required to ensure that each and every one of them continues to make progress in their learning and personal development.

We firmly believe in taking every opportunity to celebrate the many successes of our students. We recognise that all young people have special talents, which need to be nurtured and developed during their time with us. We believe it is essential to celebrate achievement in all areas of a student’s life – from the sports pitch, to the stage, to the classroom and not least, the personal development that so many of our students demonstrate to us during their time at Ricards Lodge High School.


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